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Friday, January 26, 2007

Eclipse Trader is a free open-source charting platform available from focused to the building of an online trading system. The standard Eclipse RCP plug-ins architecture allows third-party vendors to extend the functionality, providing developer’s an opportunity to extend the functionality of the application. Like many open source projects, the range of features relies on programmers providing their time and skills to develop the application further.

Eclipse Trader provides the user with a range of Technical Analysis indicators and tools. The feeds available are Yahoo! Finance, Open Tick and DirectaWorld. Level II feed available through OpenTick and Archipelago. Hopefully more developers come on board to develop other subscription-base date feeds, or interface with QuoteTracker.

Eclipse Trader has a useful feature to scan a stock and provide a list of key patterns including Gap Rules, Key Reversal, High / Low Reversal and many more.

A simple portfolio management interface is also provided as part of the platform. This system is very basic, and doesn’t provide a means to add funds or dividends, it only controls the buys and sells of securities.

With new releases available on average every 3 months, the development of the project is extremely active. Please check out the Feature Request page to find out new features planned for release Being developed in Java, Eclipse Trader can also be used on windows, Linux and Mac OSX systems. A lot of work is still required before Eclipse Trader can match the expensive charting applications, but I would recommend readers download a copy, and maintain an interest in it's development.


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